Roxenda Gan 356 Air SM Magnetisch Speed Cube Ganspuzzle Professionel 3x3x3 Zauberwürfel Schwarz

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  • ◆The Super Magneto GAN 356 Air SM has upgraded and replaced the GAN 356 Air UM and is the flagship 2017 release from the worlds most renowned record breaking speedcube designer - GAN.
  • ◆Born with magnets:Magnet Positioning system structure--Magnets have specifically designed new edge and corner magnet tracks to lock magnets in place (Never Drop) Lighter cube - even though the cube contains 48 magnets it only weighs in at 76 grams,which is almost the same as the Air and Air UM.
  • ◆World-First honeycomb contact surface:The innovative world-first honeycomb contact surface is designed to make lube equally spread on the contact surface,resulting in a very smooth and stable handfeel,and a longer life-span of the lube.
  • ◆Higher accuracy scores:The IPGv4 is manufactured by injection molding Using both the ABS and the core axis screws.The core axis screws are accurate with a diameter of 1.9mm*0.02mm.To adapt to the precisely-designed GES v2,the screws must be more stable.and more vertical to the neighbour axis screw.IPG v4 has larger turning space,resuting in better corner-cutting performance.
  • ◆The GES is comprised of 3 components: GAN nut, spring, and spring track. The GES v2 is more tunable and adaptable, meaning that you can extend the corner-cutting ability of the cube. The GES v2 are printed with silver GAN logos. GAN 356 SM - The world record breaker and you personal best renewer!
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The ROXENDA Gans 356 Air SM Magnetic Speed Cube 3x3 is a 2017 Flagship Product from GAN.

Stickers with brighter pattern:We employ full-bright color ORACAL stickers onto the AirSM.The stickers are only 0.13mm thin,and are cut more accurately to completely match the cube and the sticker thickness 0.13mm only.

Performance with excellent speed: In 2014,GAN brought the world-first full-corner-cutting cube;In 2015,the world-first 56mm GAN cube came to the market,directing all 3×3 cubes towards 56mm or smaller size.Now in 2017,GAN is bringing GAN356 Air SM, it is tunable,you can even tune it to full- corner-cut though GES v2.

The classic designs:The GAN356 AirSM corner feet are derived from Circular-Square Corner feet,improving the performance.It has triple anti-corner-twist with Circular-Square design and triple edge feet,triple anti-POP performance.

Hidden seam design:Derived from the Gan-Patented design,the seams and parting lines are hidden in the face,making it nice looking and much more smooth.

Powerfull strength with favourable weight:High strength screws joint structure and the simple screws keep the cube light but strong.

Item Weight:76g
Packing weight:225g
Product Size:56×56×56mm
Corner-Cut:Positive 55º Reverse 30º
Ease-Corner-Cut:Positive 50º Reverse 30º

Package Included :
1×Gans 356 Air SM Magnetic Speed Cube 3x3
1×GES S series tension tools(red, orange, yellow)
1×GES G series tension tools(white, green, purple) 1×GAN Box V3
1×Roxenda cube stand
1×Solution guide
1×Blue bag
1×Cube ID card
1×Thanks card

Roxenda Gan 356 Air SM Magnetisch Speed Cube Ganspuzzle Professionel 3x3x3 Zauberwürfel Schwarz